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Photocopier price

Tips on how to get photocopier prices:

  1. Photocopier price quotes to reduce costs, go to the Bizpare® comparison tool where it will guide you through or do the following:
  2. Have a clear idea of what printing equipment you have currently
  3.  Make a note of your existing costs for toner, leases, service and callouts
  4.  Get 3 months worth of data on how many prints, copies you have done
  5.  Make a note of what functions you use in each area i.e. Colour, Duplexing, Stapling, Apple AirPrint, Scanning, etc
  6.  Make a list of the clear things you need in each area
  7.  Contact at least 3 dealers and give them your specific minimum requirements
  8. Make sure you create a common form for each dealer to reply so you can clearly see the differences
  9. Give each dealer a date when you need all the information and prices back by
  10. Give the dealers a date you will make the decision by – stick to it! This then keeps it fair for them and will reduce calls you get chasing you.
  11. When you make the decision inform the losing dealers why you made that choice.

Bizpare® quote tool will do this for you in a few minutes. 

Photocopier Lease Price Lists

Photocopier price from quotes vary depending on the quality, size, brand and the capabilities of a machine. The copier machines designed for private use are cheaper. However, if you want a copier that is able to scan highly detailed documents and pictures, then you need to spend more. When buying a photocopy machine for your business, there are other factors you need to consider apart from the purchase price of a copier. Nonetheless, it is advisable to have an overview of the average prices of different types of photocopiers. You can get this information by looking at a photocopier price list.

Should I consider used photocopier prices (refurbished or secondhand)?

Used photocopier prices or second-hand photocopiers, here are some things to consider to help you reduce costs:


Used photocopier quality: The quality of used machines will never be as good a new one, whether or not you will be able to tell is another thing.  The other thing to think about though is because it’s cheaper you may look at upgrading to a better machine which may have better DPI or colour reproduction or toner application etc. thus giving you improved print quality.


Used photocopier durabilty: This is the big drawback to buying a used colour copier or a used mono copier.  It won’t last as long as a new one, so buying used could be a false economy as you’re more likely to pay a higher cost per copy and that could represent significantly more than the difference between a new copier and an old one.

You also run a higher risk of increased breakdowns as parts wear, they can be replaced but as they get rarer the price can rise or become obsolete.


Used photocopier life: The usual life of a photocopier is 5 years (this ties in with the leases) but a used machine may have already used 2 years of its life.  Each machine also has a maximum amount of prints that the manufactures deem through testing the machine will give of its best.

Make sure you know how far through the life it’s at and the maximum due.


You run a higher risk of breakdowns buying used.  This can mean increased downtime waiting for engineers to turn up and for parts.

Copier Machine Costs

Used photocopier price: The used prices are significantly lower than new, usually between 20 – 50% of the new price.  It is possible to save money buying used but it’s a lottery and better left for those who know what they’re doing.


Used photocopier parts: Parts can be expensive and have a maximum life.  Ensure the parts will be available for the duration you will want to the machine.  It could turn in to a large paperweight.

Used Service Contract

Used photocopier service agreement: You should be mindful that when you buy used the company will have in the contract it can be cancelled at any time and you run the possibility of you needing to fund a large bill for repair if the company changes its mind.  I often see this artificially done in order to encourage the owner to upgrade the companies machines so they can sell them a new one.


Tips on buying used photocopiers

  1. Buying a used photocopier, first thing is finding out the duty (or the number of life prints the machine can do) the copier has done.
  2. Find what the machine has ACTUALLY done. Photocopiers can be clocked and made to look like they have done fewer prints than advertised
  3. Get an independent qualified engineer to look over the used photocopier machine. Then you can limit the surprise of big bills (get him to check if it’s been clocked too).
  4. Check the print quality before you purchase. If the machine is not printing cleanly, without lines, blotches etc. don’t buy it or get a quote on repair before you do, as this is a sure sign money is needed to be spent and it could prove expensive.
  5. Only buy a used copier with a service contract that has a minimum of 1 year and that can’t be cancelled due to lack of parts
  6. Ensure it been serviced before buying it and run some prints on it to ensure its working well.


How do I get a photocopier price list?

How do I get a photocopier price list?

How do I get a photocopier price list?


To get a photocopier machine price list you can call a local dealer or several and ask them.  You will find them hesitant to give you this just over the phone but many will.


You can arrange a meeting with a few salespeople to see their different perspectives, different machine manufacturers and solutions offered

Comparison site

You can enter your information into Bizpare® to get an instant online quote

E-commerce shops

There are several online shops where you can get the basic prices and compare several of them


What is the photocopier lease or rental price costs?

Want to compare copier pricing instantly?

Want to compare copier pricing instantly?

Want to compare photocopier pricing quotes instantly and save money? The following copier prices listed are roughly what you can expect to pay for various kinds of copiers through the Bizpare® comparison engine. You can choose the suitable machine based on the needs of your business.

  • Entry level– £30 to £800At the lower end or cheap copier machines in the market, printing can be very sporadic and a printer or MFP is only needed rarely.  Many in this range of the market will tend to get Inkjet printers or very cheap laser devices.  This is where the cost of the machine is very cheap, but this is often countered by the running costs being very expensive. You would think of home users or businesses working from home where these costs can range from between £30 and £800 (eight hundred pounds) typically.
  • Desktop – £50 to £2000 These cover quite a wide variety of machines up to a certain size. Copy machines without a stand up to a certain size can go on the desktop. Many machines like A4 machines are made mostly to go on the table top. Larger A3 machines should go on the stands provided, this is because they are larger and can be unstable and because of their weight could be dangerous to put it on a stand it wasn’t designed for.
  • Multifunctional photocopiers – £150 to £15000 Multifunction machines come in a large range of many different types of devices.  Most machines come with printing, scanning, photocopying and faxing (getting rarer these days).  This represents the core functions on most machines, however, photocopiers can have significantly more functionality.  Most modern multifunction machines are like computers, in that they can do many things and completely manage most processes to do with print.
  • Industrial – £20’000 to £70’000 These machines have a very specific application. Most commercial print environments or large companies require machines to handle many hundreds of thousands of documents and deliver very high standards of print consistently.  Consequently, these printers are a lot more expensive to purchase and have specialized equipment to handle volume and quality and the unique processes that come along with this industry.  Things like SRA3, binding, hole punch, booklet making, trimming, sorting and fiery Software Machines. Although a lot of these functions can be used in other environments they’re quite often on a smaller scale and not quite as hardy or reliable as the industrial alternatives.
  • Colour Copy Machines– £500 to £15000 These are machines which allow the printing of colour. Colour copiers can be used in many different types of print like brochures, letterheads and leaflets etc.  Generally used to highlight or produce photographs to enhance the document. The disadvantage with colour is the cost to print to that of mono. However, the advantage is that because colour machines are now more widespread, due to the economics of scale, the prices on colour machines can be cheaper now than mono machines.  Even if it’s comparable, it’s sometimes worth getting the colour machines even if you turn off the colour printing ability.
  • Floor standing copiers– £1000 to £15000 As opposed to desktop machines floor standing are supplied with a stand or base, sometimes used to hold paper, additional paper cassettes, storing toner or large capacity trays. These are designed to take the weight of the machine and quite often have casters to allow it to be easily moved. Depending on space these machines are usually preferred due to their durability and robustness that can be lacking in smaller machines.

What factors affect the lease price of photocopiers?

What factors affect the purchase price of photocopiers?

What factors affect the purchase price of photocopiers?LeasThe overall price of a photocopy machine comprises its purchase price (capital) and the cost of maintenance, repairs and supplies. Generally, cheap copiers have costly consumables, primarily the toner, while costlier copiers save money and they are generally cheaper in the service cost. More expensive copiers can also be longer lasting and require less maintenance.  The factors that influence the prices of photocopy machines include:


Photocopier price functionality: As photocopiers are modular this means you can add additional functionality as you require it. Things like staple finishing, faxing, folding, additional paper sets can all be added on along with mobile phone printing, postscript and hole punching but these all come at a cost.

Faxing can be £150 to £600 pounds; staple finishing can be £500 to £5000.  Some things can come included with the machine, some A4 machines include the document feeder as standard. Many new copier machines come with mobile printer functionality included as standard.  It’s always worth finding out if you really need that option and what the cost will be.

Colour or monochrome

Photocopier colour price: Colour is about 10 times more expensive than mono.  You may think this is odd because there are usually 4 colours.  The reason is it’s not only the toner or ink that you must factor in, things like drums and fuser units all need to be accounted for and are regularly changed.  The purchase of the colour photocopier machines themselves are similarly priced with only a difference of a few hundred pounds.

Printing speed

Photocopier print speed: The faster, the more expensive.  You have probably seen that most printers and copiers have got PPM (pages per minute) next to a number.  This relates to the speed or how many pages you can produce in a minute.  Ranging from 10 – 130 PPM the faster the printer the more expensive it is.

Document size

Photocopier document size: Whether its A4, SRA4, A3, A1, SRA3 etc, as a rule, is the larger the paper you need to print to the more expensive the printing device be. Not only the machine will be pricier but the toner and service cost too for each print.

Page coverage

Photocopier page coverage: If you buy your ink and toner, its pretty much a given that the more page coverage you use in print the more you will need to pay. Imagine if you covered the whole page in black ink, this would obviously cost more than if you just do a couple of spots.  The problem is that it can be difficult to keep a handle on costs and many businesses find that the expenses can spiral.

Monthly duty cycle

Photocopier duty cycle: This relates to the amount of printing you do in the machines life.  All machines you’re buying have a maximum and going above this will mean more repairs, increased engineer visits, more replacement of consumable parts and downtime.  This all can cost money and so it’s a false economy to buy cheap early on.

You should consider not only how much printing you’re doing now, but what your maximum is likely to be for the future.  Its better to get an MFP printer that is over specified than under specified, even if it will cost more.

If you’re buying, hiring, leasing or renting

This basically comes down to interest and duration when it came to overall cost, although you may have other things to think about when choosing between these options including the service and consumable expenses.  The cheapest way to get buy a photocopier is to purchase it cleared funds.  This way there are no other expenses or interest added on.

If you lease you will have document fees, interest, buyout costs, late payment fees, equipment retention fees etc.

If you’re renting you will have the rental fee (which can be expensive if you have the machine for a long time) you could also get late and delivery fees.


What are the advantages, new versus pre-owned (used or old) photocopier?

You want to know the advantages of buying new vs old copiers, otherwise called used or preowned. The second-hand market is very large and so there is the potential to make savings.  A used photocopier is significantly cheaper versus a new one and you can get a lot of extra facilities thrown in too.  You do need to be careful though as the risks are high! The best life of a photocopier is within its first 2 years, given the machine is mostly mechanical this means for the first two years you are less likely to have paper jams, engineer callouts and major parts go wrong.  After this, though things can start to wrong, I once spoke to a woman who to save money bought a copier online from eBay.  She said, “I got a really good deal” she was having lines down the page and we sent an engineer to look at it.  It was going to cost £2000 to fix and for the parts, the machine had been “clocked” (this is where dealers can turn back the meter on the machine) and had done over a million prints! It didn’t seem so cheap then!  Here are 4 things to consider when buying used or old photocopiers for sale.

Lease rate

If you buy a copier on lease you will be subjected to a lease rate.  This determines the amount of interest you are required to pay for loaning the money.  What people don’t often realise is this can be dependant on your finances, quite often companies will have a main lease rate and a company they will use.

If you have poor accounts though you will then go to a secondary lease company whose rates are not as good but are more able to get the order through.  If this happens, you will end up paying more interest.


In the contract terms, there will be various clauses which can significantly change what you will pay. Things like scanning charges, service increases, IT connection fees, contract settlements, admin fees and documents fees etc will all increase the price you pay.


If you have bought the printers or photocopiers and had them for some time without a service contract you will know by now you have to buy drums and fusers on laser devices. These are generally not mentioned at the time of sale but are all required and will have to be changed and so will add the overall cost of the photocopier.

Ink & Toner

These are the biggest variable and potentially the largest cost of owning a photocopier. This includes the machine itself, depending on how much printing you’re doing. Throughout the life of the machine ink and toner can potentially equate to several times the purchase cost of the machine itself and can, therefore, be the more significant factor in printing costs.


How does quality compare to the prices of photocopiers?


Photocopier quality can be very important to consider when looking at and comparing prices of copiers for sale. The sharpness, clarity and level of detail that a photocopier needs to deliver should be based on the needs of your business. In order to determine the level of quality you need from a photocopier, you should consider its resolution. It is measured in the number of dots per inch which can be placed in a line with the span of an inch. The photocopiers that have a higher resolution produce better images. Commercial photocopiers can have a resolution of about 600 to 2400 dots per inch depending on the nature of the task. A resolution of 600 DPI is ideal for daily professional copying. A resolution of 1200 DPI is ideal for enterprises that want high quality, coloured marketing or promotional materials and reports. 2400 DPI is necessary for photographers and graphic designers who want to copy documents at an extremely high quality. High-quality photocopiers cost more. Selecting a photocopier that meets your needs will enable you to benefit the most from your investment. It is essential to compare copy machines and their prices in order to find the best one.  Here are some ways quality compares to the prices of photocopiers:


On all machines the better the quality the more ink or toner is applied to the page to print the same information and thus will increase the number of toners you need to purchase.  This then increases the cost. Unless you have a CPC (Cost per Copy/Print) contract where it’s only if they have a fair use policy, will this then not increase costs.


Again unless you have a CPC copy contract without a fair use policy, how much ink or toner spread across the page will increase the cost.  This is because it will use more ink and toner and you will then need to replace them more often.


This applies the thickness of ink and toner applied to paper per pixel.  Some manufacturers use less ink or toner, but this can give it a washed out look.  If you have ever used draft mode, you will see the colours are not as bright and vibrant. So be aware that when purchasing a photocopier or printer what the real world every use and picture quality will be and if you must increase the settings will it increase the costs.


All machines waste toner and ink.  With photocopiers, they have a waste toner bottle, this stores the excess and is then later decarded or recycled. With ink, the machine uses the ink to clean the heads and in calibration. You also get evaporation with the ink, I once knew a company which opened all the foil packets and then stored the ink.  When they came to use it, they were dry.


Photocopier machines vary in how economical they are.  Ranging from only using a few watts in standby to very expensive at full running using up hundreds of watts.  It’s good to check on how frugal your machines are when at full running and standby to determine the best machine for you.


What is the best way to get photocopier prices?

Using the Bizpare® comparison engine you can quickly get prices and the right solution.  See the video explainer to see how we can help.


How do I buy a photocopier for my office?

  1. When buying a copier for the office first find out exactly what you need.  Look at the facilities like duplexing, colour, stapling, faxing, folding etc.
  2. Then see how many prints you are likely to produce in each area
  3. Find all your current costs associated with your current equipment like toner, leases, drums, call outs etc.
  4. Create a list of requirements that you will need to buy for the new copier machine
  5. Input the information into Bizpare® comparison engine
  6. Get a fast online quotation including prices from dealers and the best solution per your requirements.


What are the best business photocopiers to buy?

This really depends on your needs, but overall if possible, you should be looking at stand-alone A3 machines, which gives you the best in quality, durability, functionality and running costs.


What are the photocopier manufactures or brands I can get prices?

A list of all the Photocopier Manufacturers and brands which you can buy, lease, hire or rent from dealers.
Manufacturers/BrandsWeb addresses
Konica Minoltahttps://www.konicaminolta.co.uk/business-solutions/products/office/multifunctional-printers/black-white.html

Why is it difficult to get photocopier prices?

Why is it difficult to get multifunction machine prices

Why is it difficult to get multifunction machine prices


It’s difficult to get prices because many dealers don’t want to give other photocopier dealers any advantages over them.  They feel giving prices freely online may give away an advantage.


Its also hard as some of the manufacturers can be sensitive to pricing, mainly because the may receive complaints from other dealers or do not want to see their product devalued.


The reprographics industry is very competitive.  But it does have a very old school mentality that is slowly changing. Pricing, customers and strategic plans are very closely guarded secrets.


Why do photocopiers vary so much in price?

Why do copiers vary so much in price?

Why do copiers vary so much in price?


Photocopier price variation: The reason most photocopier machines vary in price and one of the main reasons is the profit the dealer puts on the machine.  I have seen deals where they have put over £100k profit on a few machines.  Most dealers will, however, try to make at least £500 -£2000.


Photocopier price quality: Another reason there is variety is not all MFP printers or copiers are made the same. Even machines from the same manufacturer can be made in different factories or by other manufacturers.  This can increase price or even decrease the price, as it’s not unheard of for a manufacturer to have agreements that they won’t sell under a certain price, allowing the “manufacturer” buying the machine to sell cheaper.

Exchange rate

Some of the machines are made in various places of the world and so the amount can be affected by exchange rates.  Quite recently one manufacturer was hit quite hard by this and had to lay off staff due to the euro.


Photocopiers are large and bulky machines and so with parts and machines travelling from China and other countries like in Europe to be assembled this adds to the cost of the photocopier machines.


How can I buy a business photocopier quickly?

Goto Bizpare.com can complete the online details to get an instant quote.


How can I be sure I am getting a good deal?

Whether you have had a surprise call, a rep just canvassing in the area or your existing company just happens to put across a proposal because your multifunctional machine is getting old and they can’t get parts.  You never know unless you compare it against several others.


Can I buy photocopiers direct from the manufacturer?

Yes, some manufacturers like Ricoh, Konica Minolta, etc. have direct sales teams where you can buy photocopiers directly.  Others like Develop and Toshiba do not and you would need to go to a dealer.


Is there a way to see all offers from dealers in a Row?

Yes, you can see all the prices available and applicable to your unique requirements on the Bizpare® quotation comparison process.


What is the cost of copier service or maintenance?

The cost of service is usually given in a pence per click or print, also called CPC. This is for all the toner, drums, fusers, callouts, routine maintenance and parts. Here are some rough examples of what you can expect to pay. £0.05 is 5 pence and £0.005 is .5p (less than a penny). These are guides as with volume, different machines speed and manufacturers can produce varying results.
By Bizpare.comMono Low volumeMono High VolumeColour Low VolumeColour High VolumeUsed Mono VolumeUsed Colour Volume
Desktop machine£0.02 to £0.005£0.009 to £0.0035£0.08 to £0.04£0.06 to £0.035£0.007£0.07
Free standing £0.008 to £0.004£0.005 to £0.0025£0.06 to £0.035£0.04 to £0.025£0.004£0.04
Industrial£0.0032 to £0.0025£0.03 to £0.02£0.0035£0.03


How will I benefit from Bizpare®?

Bizpare.com is a comparison website for enterprises that are looking forward to purchasing photocopy machines and printers easily and quickly. On our website, you can compare the offerings of a number of companies easily. If you are looking for an easy way to upgrade without the need to speak with or meet photocopier salespeople, you have come to the right place. In order to see all the affordable photocopiers available for sale from various dealers, just click on the Quote Now button and input the relevant details.

Bizpare.com’s online photocopier comparison quote engine will also enable you to obtain the cheapest quotation. You can easily compare photocopier prices and look at the service, capital and lease prices. Our site provides you with the best total contract price over the years. If you want to lease a photocopier and you need a photocopier price list for Develop, Canon, Kyocera, HP, Konica Minolta, Olivetti, Lexmark, Riso, Richo, Sharp, Xerox, Utax, Samsung or Toshiba, Bizpare.com is the right place. We have all the costs from photocopier manufacturers live. Just input your printer and photocopier prices and obtain a Quote Now. Choose the details of the machine you need and we will take care of the rest. We will provide you with a full list of online photocopier prices with the most cost effective machines worked out for you.


Getting photocopier and printer prices locally

If you want to buy or lease a photocopier or printer near me you can lease photocopier UK or lease photocopier london, West Midlands, Telford, Shrewsbury, Wales, Scotland, Yorkshire, Hampshire, Kent, Essex, Lancashire, Merseyside, Yorkshire, Devon, Hertfordshire, Surrey, Nottinghamshire, Tyne and Wear, Staffordshire, Lincolnshire, Cheshire, Derbyshire and Scotland, lease photocopier birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield, Bradford, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Manchester, Bristol, Kirklees, Fife, Wirral, North Lanarkshire, Wakefield, Cardiff, Dudley, Wigan, East Riding, South Lanarkshire, Coventry, Belfast, Leicester, Sunderland, Sandwell, Doncaster, Stockport, Sefton, Nottingham, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Kingston-upon-Hull, Bolton, Walsall, Plymouth, Rotherham, Stoke-on-Trent, Wolverhampton use Bizpare® to find the best dealer near you.


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