How can we help you compare photocopier leasing agreement prices?

Compare photocopier lease prices,this is difficult when all you want to do is save some money and get the best solution. Especially when you lease a photocopier, buying an office copier for sale or perhaps just looking for a printer or photocopier price list. There are many sites which claim to have a photocopier comparison engine to make it easier, but when you complete it, it’s just a form. Then that’s when the many calls, emails, meetings, and pop-ins from several dealers salespeople start!

Bizpare®promises to be different at comparing photocopier lease agreement prices, a trustworthy, cost-effective, honest and true online photocopier comparison website. We started building this comparison website a few years ago, as we thought there must be a better, easier and cheaper way to lease or buy a photocopier. We believe you can truly save thousands when you compare copiers and printers using our site.

Comparing photocopier lease prices: how else could you check every dealer, for every office copy machine they sell, with all the different options and add-ons available, lease settlements, with all the different service costs (ink and toner, callouts, parts etc.) for each machine and all the different lease photocopier prices? Over 1000 machine types with potentially hundreds of office equipment suppliers, it would be impossible.

Cheap photocopier lease prices: Some dealers give you cheap prices but then in their terms, some have significant price hikes, like 20% service price increases every 6 months. As you can imagine over a 5 years lease this can really add to your lease business photocopier costs. So how can you know if you’re truly being prudent in getting a low price when buying a photocopier lease agreement or printer?

We genuinely believe we are making the safest, fastest, most transparent, most accurate, most cost-effective way to buy or lease copiers and printers. It’s still a work in progress and there will be several updates, so keep coming back. As we add more dealers, more functionality and enhance the process to make bizpare.com the best way to buy or lease photocopiers. Please let us know what we are doing right and wrong so we can hone the process.

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Photocopier Leasing Comparison Tips

Tips: How to compare photocopiers lease agreements

To compare photocopier lease agreements:

  • Step 1: Collate your company photocopier/printer costs together ready
    To compare photocopiers leases accurately these should include your photocopier lease hire agreement costs, service (Cost per copy), toner and maintenance (drums, fuser, callouts etc) and additional costs (minimum billing, price increases, fair usage, scanning excesses etc)
  • Step 2: Get your photocopier machine usage
    If you have a service agreement you will have the number of prints produced on your last bill, you may need to divide the number of prints by the colour total to get the cost per copy (i.e. £50 / 1000 prints = £0.05 or 5p & £5 / 1000 prints = £0.005, .5p or 0.5p)
  • Step 3: Work out your photocopier and printer usage
    This could mean keeping a log of the prints, making a note of the meters for a period or using software, even monitoring how many reams of paper you get through
  • Step 4: Note the facilities needed for each area
    These are things like Colour, Duplex, Scanning, Stapling, Booklet making, Faxing, How many paper trays, Apple AirPrint, etc.
  • Step 5: Enter the information into the Bizpare® photocopier and printer comparison tool
    Input all the above information and facilities needed per area
  • Step 6: The comparison engine will work out the right equipment
    It will calculate the equipment you need in a few seconds as presented by all the dealers around the country
  • Step 7: Get immediate online results
    Showing all the machines that qualify, the photocopier machine specifications, the dealer’s lease prices and service prices
  • Step 8: Choose the photocopier dealer
    Choose one that presents the best solution and equipment for you
  • Step 9: Sign the lease
    Get the photocopier lease agreements in the post for you to sign
  • Step 10: Get delivery of your new equipment
    Once the installation is complete leave reviews for others.

Compare Photocopier Lease Prices


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Compare Toshiba lease
Compare Toshiba lease

Why Compare Photocopiers?

Why compare photocopier lease prices?

You should compare photocopier lease prices because:

Compare photocopier lease prices is the perfect way to buy, you don’t have any pressure and you have more time to think about what you want. Using the Bizpare® photocopier comparison tool, we help you along the process, getting the right machine for the best price. We all need to use paper at this time and while so much paper is used in an office you sill need to be able to photocopy.

Photocopiers for sale will be a subject for discussion at some point when your organisation gets to a certain size and you will then need to think about colour copies or mono copies or whether you want to get a Canon copier or a Xerox machine. Which every photocopier machine you consider, you may be thinking what is the best way to go about getting prices or how can I compare the copy machines for sales so that I can make the best decision. Does it matter? Considering this is regarded by some as a significant purchase for the company and given the total life costs to some organisations, it can be a considerable investment.

There is plenty of competition and many copier companies to choose from. To add to this you even have many IT companies offering solutions and you may be thinking am I getting the best solution from them (usually offering to compare hp printers). As they are providing all my IT equipment should I go with the printing and copying solution they provide?

We at Bizpare®want to ensure you get the right solution first and foremost. We have seen so many companies get SOLD a business photocopier machine by the dealer but they haven’t really taken into consideration the needs of the customer and what is the right machine. We also see this with IT companies, they don’t want to support the print and its usually something added on because of their relationship HP and well the customer needs it. I rarely see the correct machines going in on a new install from the IT company, so what should companies who need copy machines do to find the right solution?

We believe we can offer a way buy the right machines for your company, where you can compare dealers, manufactures, photocopy machines, colour copy prices, business copy machines for sale from dealers and with our system because you’re getting the right machine you save money and less likely to get caught out by the dealers.

We even have new and used photocopiers for sale. This takes in to account what functionality you require, your usage, the limitations of the machine and long-term costs. It all done online and without any sales person needed. Compare lease prices Click Here


Free print audit online

Free print audits get offered to companies all around the UK all the time, it’s essentially someone coming into your place of business and looking at your printing and photocopying equipment and costs and creating a proposal. Unfortunately, the quality of this “free print audit” can differ vastly depending on the experience and ability of the person who is coming out to see you. So in my experience what is advertised to save the company money and put the business in a better solution rarely accomplishes its intended goal. It can actually just be very profitable to the company coming out and expensive for the company receiving it.

There are lots of reason why and how this can be bad for the company and things like not understanding the figures, putting used equipment in, reducing the number of machines turning cost efficiencies into extra walking etc. If you really want to see savings start with our free print audit through the bizpare®system. We can then advise you from there if those savings are real and even if necessary get an expert out to you to advise the best company, hardware and solution and show you what the real savings are and even if you had a solution prepared, is that realistic?

Our print audits are genuinely free to you and very comprehensive and produced from years of experience. We even have specialists in different areas, like GDRP, PaperCut and the different photocopier brands. Try it now.Free print audit Click Cere


Where can you compare managed print solutions online?

Managed print is an essential part of the office. Saving money in a company is important to ensure smooth running and ensuring its profitable. It is especially the case when it comes to print management as this is usually forgotten or a last resort. This can lead to some companies paying thousands more in waste, higher costs, leasing and old equipment. This can simply be not understanding the industry, being too busy, just using a regular supplier you’re familiar with or having old printing equipment.

Managed print solutions are as different as the grains of sands and everyone you speak to will come up with a different solution to the problem. With different suppliers telling you this machine is best or you need that software it can be difficult for companies to know they are getting the right advice for their particular problem. The first thing is ensuring you start on the right foot, we can put you in touch with free samples and experts to ensure you get things right. If you need a managed print service with a tailor-made solution, software and hardware experts for a variety of different solutions let us help you.

What companies don’t realise is that by simply reviewing and comparing their print costs they can literally save £1000’s of pounds every year and create a better, more streamlined, user-friendly and automated processes that can significantly cut down admin and produce a better flow of documents around the office. Bizpare.com is unique in this approach by being able to do this automatically in real time all online, giving you the ability to see how much you can save in seconds. No waiting for emails, meetings with salespeople. stress or hassle. You can compare managed print solutions from dealers anywhere in the UK and from all manufacturers. Why not try it now.Compare managed print solutions Click Here


What are the benefits of comparing photocopiers?

The benefits of comparing photocopiers are:

1. Reduce your time looking

Differentiating photocopiers and offers from dealers can take up a lot of time with the calls, emails and meetings

2. No pressure to make a quick decision

Whether it’s on the phone or in person, many companies have been pressured into making quick decisions

3. Increased understanding and awareness of the process

It can be difficult comparing specifications and understanding which machine is best for you. But the Bizpare® process allows you to be more aware of your true cost and the important things you need to know.

4. Know you’re getting the best photocopier prices

By just going to the same copier dealer, are you really getting the best deal? Many find it cheaper to look around and get more quotes from other suppliers

5. Guaranteed less hassle

Some companies just don’t want the hassle of dealing with lots of pushy salespeople, or the process “spoken to my manager and we can do this deal” you just want the best price

6. More aware of the solution and your needs

It’s difficult if you don’t know what you need to buy. To be able to compare a photocopier without the right knowledge and tools. Getting what you need not whats profitable for salespeople

7. Lower Life Cost or full term price

We are confident that you will definitely get a cheaper TCL (Total Contract Life) photocopier price buying photocopiers on Bizpare®.

8. Get more control of the decisions you face

You may have a certain copier or printer now with a function or speed. A salesperson may just naturally include the same like for like. Whereas if you were aware of the cost to retain you may decide to reduce speed or remove functionality to decrease costs, or the reverse if the cost increase is small.Compare online leases click here


Why compare photocopier lease prices?

There are a few companies offering different services when it comes to comparing photocopiers. Some allow you to compare specifications and put two machines side by side. Some you complete an online form which they then sell your information to dealers. Then you get several salespeople calling to try to get back their investment by selling to you. Lastly, there are those that claim to be a comparison website but are a dealer and using the site to get leads for their sales force. Many of these are misleading people as they expect to be able to compare dealers online and are annoyed when they then get companies call.Lease Prices click here


How is Bizpare® a different photocopier leasing comparison site?

Bizpare® is different because:

  • Get help through the process to the right lease agreement and best equipment
  • You choose the dealer you require all online within a few minutes
  • We help you with your current costs so you can understand how much you’re paying currently (Ink, toner, leasing, settlements and capital equipment)
  • You decide when your details get passed on


Why you get the best photocopier prices comparing dealers?

You can get the best photocopier price comparing because:

  • 1. You get the best photocopier prices because you can see all the photocopier lease agreement prices online
    With Bizpare® you see all the dealer’s prices for your solution differentiating; lease price, service costs, toner and running costs, callouts, document fees, the costs for additions and so much more.
  • 2. You control the solution
    You can adjust the solution real time deciding do you really need that expensive staple finisher or can I afford the extra paper tray?
  • 3. Intelligent application of your input
    The engine is intelligent about the way it applies the information you enter taking many things into account and displaying it so it’s easy to see whats best for your needs
  • 4. Upfront and honest
    We show straight away what is not normally looked at until you’re much further into the sales process (when you feel compelled to sign), but can be the most significant and costly parts
  • 5. Become part of the Club
    You’re also signing up for a club. The combined buying allows you to know you’re getting the best deal, as the more that is purchased – the better the prices you can achieve
  • 6. Clear information and equipment delivered and serviced as expected
    We also make it clear what you’re getting, this means you will get what you expect at the price you expect if you complete through us. I see far too many companies getting sold second-hand equipment as new, leases not settled, prices changed after signature etc. causing years of problems and expense
  • 7. Get a better quality of service
    Lastly, this process will enable you to get better quality service, as you have the ability to review and have an impact on future purchasing from that dealer should they undertake questionable practices. Where can you have this at this moment except through Bizpare®?Compare Dealer lease prices Click Here


Why is this a safer way to buy photocopiers?

Safer photocopier leasing: “Safe” and “contract” lease terms are usually never head in the same sentence. I hear time and time again how business, charities and schools are paying far too much for business machines. They have got stuck in a contract that is crippling the business or affecting the resources for the school or the aid the charity can provide. That dealers have not settled leases, have charged too much or they have got caught out by the terms and are paying thousands extra. We really spent time in thinking of the best way to make this process safer and we feel the bizpare.com is safer leasing for a couple of reasons:

  • Dealers not only put their prices in, they also put the key terms that you can see and compare photocopier terms
  • The dealers are contracted to only offer what they present on the system so you are assured and have a record of the agreement
  • Lease settlements (if included) are calculated into the costs and must be settled by the dealer
  • Lastly, we ask for reviews from any who buys through the comparison process. Should you have a bad experience you have the ability and the duty and put a review the photocopiers purchased and the service offered to relay your experience. When we have a few we will then show these on the site to give others confidence in going with the companies suggested.

As more and more companies and charities and schools order through our system it will grow to provide the information, security and honesty you will expect to have when buying a photocopier. Making it a pleasure to lease a photocopier or printer through us.Buy photocopier click here


What photocopier brands can you compare?

Comparing copier brands lease prices and manufacturers, its good to remember that not all photocopiers are made the same in terms of reliability, capital cost, running costs, functionality, service intervals and print quality. So when trying to save money and be more thrifty you could be losing something by trying to save.

Many brands do not manufacture the machines themselves and use other manufacturers to do so. So while you may find that some copy machines may look exactly the same and even have the same specifications even while having different badges. Some of the most common notable mentions are for Kyocera: Utax, TA Triumph Adler and Olivetti and for Konica Minolta: Develop, Olivetti. So just bear this in mind when looking for certain brands you could get exactly the same or very similar from another brand. The Bizpare®comparison site will look at your photocopier lease agreement requirements and match you up with the right dealer based on your needs enabling you to save money and reduce your copier costs. Here are most of the manufactures:
What brands can you compare?

Compare Canon lease prices

Compare Canon lease prices from local dealers you have come to the right place. We have developed a site that enables you to easily find the right photocopier machine for your needs offering all the Canon business machines available from dealers around the county. Providing great levels of service at reasonable prices. Should you require a printer with a scanner made by Canon use our site to get the best solution. Just enter your requirements into the quote engine above and see your cheap canon prices live online and what savings you can achieve.Buy Canon online Click Here


Compare Develop lease prices

Compare Develop lease prices? So you have just come into the market and as you need a good reliable copy machine to handle your office printing and scanning one name which wouldn’t readily come to your thoughts is Develop but they do provide good quality photocopiers at reasonable prices. The colour quality on the Develop photocopier machines are industry leading, combine that with excellent durability and most of the functionality you would ever need. Choosing a develop dealer may not be easy are there are plenty of them out there. We have tried to make the process as easy as possible by logging in and inputting your details and we will match you with the best copy machine for your needs. See how much you can save on Develop photocopiers now.Buy Develop Click Here


Compare Epson lease prices

Compare HP lease prices & Compare Samsung lease prices

Leasing HP or Comparing Samsung lease prices? Buying the best hp lease price printer or all in one printer for the office may not be easy as they are so many options to buy from. The are plenty of online sources offering this deal on all in one HP printers or multifunction copiers that it can be difficult to know where is best. You should consider what is the best HP copier for your needs. I can count how many times I have seen the wrong HP printer sitting in an office being used as a copy machine being overworked or costing the organisations thousands of pounds. Many companies buy the wrong HP machine for their needs and end up with just the most convenient one that’s for sale. Our site has been specifically designed for users who do not have industry knowledge but want to buy save money on the best device for their office printing and copying requirements.Buy HP Click Here


Compare Konica Minolta lease prices

Compare Konica Minolta lease prices? Konica is one of the leaders in providing great quality colour photocopiers (colour photocopiers). The infamous bizhub has been going for many years now and still a popular choice. The Konica Minolta manufacturer has supplied photocopier machines for many years and although can be a little more expensive has built a reputation for quality and not willing to compromise. When comparing low Konica Minolta prices we think you definitely consider a Konica in the mix with very smart and elegant screens all the Konica Minolta photocopier machines for sale will give you many years of good service.Buy Konica Minolta Click Here


Compare Kyocera lease prices

Compare Kyocera lease prices?Laser printers are popular because of their durability and low print costs. Having used them in several solutions they really do offer a great user experience and trouble-free printing. Whether you’re buying a laser printer or a printer copier scanner a low-cost Kyocera is a good choice. When is it comes to photocopying on a copy machine the reliability and functionality shine through offering business colour printing (colour) at very low service prices due to the low cost per copy and use of the ceramic drums. The colour quality on some of the machines is not quite as strong as some manufacturers, lacking depth and solid colours when printing photos and high-end graphics. Some of the best areas are: document folding is at a really great price low end and duplex scanning never puts a foot wrong.Buy Kyocera Click Here


Compare Lexmark lease prices

Compare Lexmark lease prices? Most well-known for printers they do have a number of copy machines to offer customers. When looking at the print for your office you may have considered the Lexmark brand. Offering a selection of mono and colour photocopiers it can be difficult selecting the right machine for your office lease prices we can help you find the best Lexmark printer from our dealers listed.Buy Lexmark Click Here


Compare Olivetti lease prices

Compare Olivetti lease prices may look familiar, the same a develop may look familiar to Konica Minolta users. When you compare some of the models to UTAX and Kyocera you will notice they look very similar on the specs too. When compare machines like the Olivetti photocopiers you should consider what your needs are in terms of functionality and ongoing usage to ensure you get the best machine for your requirements.Buy Olivetti click here


Compare Ricoh lease prices

Compare Ricoh lease prices? Ricoh have been around for a while and taking a large percentage of the market. They represent a good range of low-cost Ricoh copiers and printers for users and cover all the bases from desktop machines for sale to industrial. There are a number of dealers who only do cheap Ricoh and specialise in the machines from this brand. A customer wanting to save money has lots of choices but its worth considering the long term. Who can provide you with a good experience for the life of the machine?

You can also find a lot of Used Ricoh machines on the market. Be sure you check how the machine is set up as this is one of the multifunction printers that can be set up to “per scan” instead of “per print”. This means that instead of clicking once per colour print that is produced, it will click once per colour (or 4 times) this may not mean you are paying more if the breakdown is accurate. It’s worth whenever you receive a new Ricoh copier checking if it has been set up in this way. It could save you thousands by knowing this.Buy Ricoh Click Here


Compare Riso lease prices

Compare Riso lease prices? Riso have a specific segment of the market for a number of years. That is the Riso duplicators, providing high volume, excellent reliability to millions of prints and copies, very low cost but low-quality print. For schools and churches, they who need leaflets producing Riso has been a requirement for every school. However, there is a new player in town and Epson have released a new range of machines aimed at this market boasting high throughput and very low cost per copies but more reasonable capital costs.

Only time will tell if this new player will take over but one thing is for sure that Riso produces great copiers and if you need large volumes of low-quality cheap printing you are best to include Riso in your comparisons.Buy Riso click here


Compare Toshiba lease prices

Comparing Toshiba lease prices? They are relatively new to the market but have come with a range to make an impression. Toshiba photocopiers provide excellent durability and produce quality prints. When it comes to standard office colour printing you should definitely look at the Toshiba offering. They look smart and have industry leading technology built in as standard, like Apple AirPrint and mobile device support straight out of the box.

Low-cost Toshiba copiers are competitively priced and are customer focused and have a range of copy machines that can stand toe to toe with any of the manufactures. When comparing copiers through the Bizpare®engine, be sure to look out for Toshiba as you won’t be disappointed. Buy Toshiba Click Here

TA Triumph Adler


Compare Utax lease prices

Compare Utax lease prices? Utax has a very large range of photocopying machines and printers, able to offer machines for every office environment. Utax feature great running or servicing costs mean for the long-term investment you can’t go much wrong. Utax is reliable won’t give you much trouble and there some great deals coming from some dealers meaning if you are producing normal business colour you will have a great experience.

I would suggest if the colour quality is a big issue you look towards more the Konica Minolta, Toshiba, Canon, Xerox which for the photographic print quality you will generally be better placed. But for the usual colour business printing, where you need a great price, reasonable machine costs and good durability to will have a great experience with Utax.Buy Utax Click Here


Compare Xerox lease prices

Compare Xerox lease prices and printers? Xerox has been around since the beginning. Even in America, people call photocopiers Xerox machines. The hold in the UK is Xerox is more diluted, being very prevalent with Printers for production levels and large corporations. If you require office equipment for your business Xerox has some unique offerings with things like using Wax it very pioneering but maybe not the best solution for all circumstances especially if your a mailing company you should definitely give the Wax machines a miss.

Overall you may pay a premium but the brand demands quality and is selective with its dealers, being a big hit in corporate accounts and with some amazing cost per copy for Printers. Xerox prints and copiers in mono and colour (color) offer a more initial purchase than some manufacturers but for volume and reliability for large solutions make sure you don’t leave them out.Buy Xerox Click Here