About Bizpare®

About Bizpare®

You don’t need a salesperson to buy a photocopier machine!  We have a system that will provide an assessment of your requirements.

Bizpare.com is a comparison site for businesses looking to buy photocopier machines and printers quickly and easily.  You want to compare the offerings of several companies.  We believe we are the first and only company to achieve this.  Want a simple way for you to upgrade without the need to talk to or meet photocopier machine salespeople? To manage it in your own time and understand the process?  You have come to the right place as there’s lot of benefits using our site:

Photocopier Machine Salespeople

Having seen the industry from the inside, we know it inside out.  We have designed this process to protect you, so you can make informed considered decisions without pressure.  We have heard and seen various sales techniques that would surprise and disgust most people.  Things like falsifying signatures, changing leases after signature, high pressure selling and selling used/old equipment as new has been witnessed and is commonplace with SOME companies.  Not all photocopier machine companies employ these methods or condone the sales people’s actions.  The problem is it happens and we want a change in the industry.  By going through our online process we believe you will have the best experience.  The most time efficient, accurate and informed way to buy your multifunction equipment.


The industry as a whole is structured as so, you have manufacturers who supply dealers.  Dealers sell the photocopiers and printers machines to companies and provide servicing and repairs to keep the equipment running at its best. Dealers go to lease companies for finance options for those organisations who want to lease. There are manufacturers who sell direct to organisations, but this may not necessarily be cheaper or be the best option depending on your requirements.  Photocopiers are typically updated with newer models every 3-4 years.  All support for the machines is dealt with by the dealers or manufacturers.  Using Bizpare.com comparison you can see and understand the whole process and we can, in turn, empower you as the more organisations sign up to Bizpare.com we can use that to your benefit, ensuring the best prices, protection and functionality.

Dealer Leasing

Having seen many companies leases, we understand that this can be confusing to many people.  It’s full of lots of terms that are binding and can have large repercussions.  The process we have provides a way to make your leases more transparent so you can see (if you feel you must upgrade) when the best time is to do it.  Making you more aware of the costs and the potential savings.  If you upgrade you have plenty of time to read the agreements.  Make sure you understand what you are agreeing to, essential to some schools and voluntary organisations where purchasing isn’t necessarily the primary role.

Copier Machine Pricing

An accurate review of your current situation and potential savings.  Compare local companies or companies that service your area across the country. Understand the costs and implications of additions to help you get the best price.   For example, the most common addition is a stapler, but many don’t understand the cost can be around 35% of the price of a photocopier.   Now you can pick and choose with clear decisions about what’s best for you to save on costs and see what you actually need.  Also, we look at the printing costs over the whole duration in our comparisons which means no surprises (some dealers have rate increases, document fees, admin fees and many other different types of fees hidden in the contracts.

Online competition

We believe what we offer is unique, as most comparison companies essentially are there to produce leads and generate enquiries.  They do this by asking a few questions and passing your information on to several photocopier machine dealers to call you.  We offer so much more. Bizpare® have online reviews, a system to understand your current situation and compare the solution to all the dealers and equipment available.  We’re confident you will get a great ONLINE procurement comparison, without the need for a callback.  When you go through the process you will see it’s designed to be simple but comprehensive and as accurate as possible.  Many pass leads on to the dealers for them to call you in return for a payment.  We have gone down the route to keep it all online and no one will call.