__ESCAPED_SOURCE_END_CLEAN_CSS__Bizpare® Photocopier Dealers: Whats in it for me?

Bizpare® Photocopier Dealers: Whats in it for me?

Bizpare® Photocopier Dealers: Whats in it for me?

Photocopiers dealers is there a better way to get business?

Mission: To provide the best way to purchase a photocopier.

Photocopiers dealers the idea behind this site is to reduce the cost of acquisition for the dealer and then pass these saving to the customer.  To provide an easier way to get business, especially with GDPR and it becoming more and more difficult to get business.

Why dealers should promote with Bizpare®:

  1. No upfront costs to the dealer.
  2. The dealer is in control to accept or deny the deal or present who they are.
  3. All prices offered to customers are behind a login for the user and are conditional on several variables.
  4. The site creates a solution of one or several machines, working out the extra facilities the user needs and presenting the best offer from each dealer for that solution.
  5. I believe it’s the cheapest way for a dealer to get deals and I hope this saving can be passed to the customer.
  6. No need for a salesperson to go out
  7. Not paying in advance for leads you don’t secure


Possible photocopier dealer objections:

I don’t want dealers getting my prices.

If you had an e-commerce shop (some dealers do have this) then all your competitors would be able to get your prices easily. Is that a bad thing, some dealers are doing very well from advertising their prices online.

It’s also very easy to get prices from competitors and I have done it thousands of times.

On Bizpare® you are signing in on the user section to say you’re not a dealer and so I believe if a competitor did want to get your prices there are easier less liable ways to do this.

Also given what information we are giving the user, there are factors which change your prices and whether or not you actually show up at all in the search or whether we present prices to them at all.

We don’t want to put our prices online

We understand many dealers have the model that works for them and they may not want to change the traditional approach.

Taking the route of having a full e-commerce site could also be a step too far, whereas promoting your products and services through Bizpare® we believe is a great way to offer your services without advertising your prices to everyone.

We believe our offering is more about quality than price

Bizpare® is absolutely behind you on this, we will be using several ways to promote the quality that you provide. We want to promote the best in the business even if that means losing some dealers.

Customers have the opportunity to place reviews on the product and service. These reviews will be prominent at the time of ordering influencing the sale.

Enabling the best dealers to shine on this site and easily prove they are the best in the business.  We understand this will not appeal to dealers who offer poor quality products and services and that they will be negative towards the site because of this.

We don’t want to put in our key terms

We believe the customer wants to know what they are getting. Most dealers have to contend with document fees, service increases, titles, settlements etc. we just want to make it clear to customers what the deal is and not have all the terms hidden.

Just because your offering capital costs at 50% of the usual price of other dealers but you have substantial price increases we think this should be clear. I know this is a source of frustration to many honest dealers who present fair deals.

Bizpare® are not interested in what terms and prices you present to customers in general.

We just ask what you present to Bipare®‘s customers is accurate and honest and at least as good as any other online prices you present.



We realise it is a new concept and you may have further questions and concerns, but we genuinely believe it will benefit firstly your customers, the manufactures, lease companies, the industry and most of all you as a dealer. 

Feel free to contact me to discuss any of these points.