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What affects the lease price of photocopiers?

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What factors affect the purchase price of photocopiers?

The overall price of a photocopy machine comprises its purchase price (capital) and the cost of maintenance, repairs and supplies. Generally, cheap copiers have costly consumables, primarily the toner, while costlier copiers save money and they are generally cheaper in the service cost. More expensive copiers can also be longer lasting and require less maintenance.  The factors that […]

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Photocopier multifunction manufacturers or brands.

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Why do photocopiers vary so much in price?Profit Photocopier price variation: The reason most photocopier machines vary in price and one of the main reasons is the[…]Read More  How does quality change prices of photocopiers?Photocopier quality can be very important to consider when looking at and comparing prices of copiers for sale. The sharpness,[…]Read More  […]

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