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Contact us:  03333 449497

We are always striving to be the best and provide a great user experience.  Should you find any issues, have suggestions on how things can be improved or have any questions about the products or processes please email us and we will come back to you as soon as possible.

Please ensure your contact details are correct and if you want us to call you have included your number.  We will respond as soon as possible and aim to confirm your response within an hour.


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Bizpare® Ltd provides an amazing, honest, quick, confident, easy and informed online process to purchase a photocopier.  We take you through the steps giving you all the information you need, allowing you to be in control and taking the pressure and stress away. We give you the opportunity to easily review and see the real world experiences from other users to impact your decision. To be able to intelligently choose which supplier using a simple but accurate way to get you the best and cheapest deal.


No salesperson will call!

We understand there are sites which just try to get your details and then sell these to dealers to then have several companies call you to sell you a machine.  Bizpare® Ltd does not pass your details on until you have agreed to proceed to purchase with a supplier unless you ask for this or need specific questions answered.  You’re in control!


It’s free! 

It free to sign up to us and we ask for no card details.  The more companies who join the better deals we can get for our members.  So sign up now.


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We will continually improve the service and get the best for its members, including better prices, better terms and levels of service.  We believe Bizpare.com is the best way to buy a photocopier and we encourage you to let us know how you got on.  We welcome feedback and love to know any improvements you can suggest. We have lots of plans to improve the site, so ensure you’re signed up for the newsletter and we will inform you of these as they happen.