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How does quality change prices of photocopiers?

How does quality change prices of photocopiers?

How does quality change prices of photocopiers

Photocopier quality can be very important to consider when looking at and comparing prices of copiers for sale.

The sharpness, clarity and level of detail that a photocopier needs to deliver should be based on the needs of your business.

In order to determine the level of quality you need from a photocopier, you should consider its resolution. It is measured in the number of dots per inch which can be placed in a line with the span of an inch.

The photocopiers that have a higher resolution produce better images. Commercial photocopiers can have a resolution of about 600 to 2400 dots per inch depending on the nature of the task.

A resolution of 600 DPI is ideal for daily professional copying. A resolution of 1200 DPI is ideal for enterprises that want high quality, coloured marketing or promotional materials and reports.

2400 DPI is necessary for photographers and graphic designers who want to copy documents at an extremely high quality. High-quality photocopiers cost more.

Selecting a photocopier that meets your needs will enable you to benefit the most from your investment. It is essential to compare copy machines and their prices in order to find the best one. 

Here are some ways quality compares to the prices of photocopiers:


On all machines the better the quality the more ink or toner is applied to the page to print the same information and thus will increase the number of toners you need to purchase.  This then increases the cost. Unless you have a CPC (Cost per Copy/Print) contract where it’s only if they have a fair use policy, will this then not increase costs.


Again unless you have a CPC copy contract without a fair use policy, how much ink or toner spread across the page will increase the cost. 

This is because it will use more ink and toner and you will then need to replace them more often.


This applies the thickness of ink and toner applied to paper per pixel.  Some manufacturers use less ink or toner, but this can give it a washed out look. 

If you have ever used draft mode, you will see the colours are not as bright and vibrant.

So be aware that when purchasing a photocopier or printer what the real world every use and picture quality will be and if you must increase the settings will it increase the costs.


All machines waste toner and ink.  With photocopiers, they have a waste toner bottle, this stores the excess and is then later decarded or recycled.

With ink, the machine uses the ink to clean the heads and in calibration.

You also get evaporation with the ink, I once knew a company which opened all the foil packets and then stored the ink. 

When they came to use it, they were dry.


Photocopier machines vary in how economical they are. 

Ranging from only using a few watts in standby to very expensive at full running using up hundreds of watts. 

It’s good to check on how frugal your machines are when at full running and standby to determine the best machine for you.

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