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How to buy a copier

How to buy a copier

How to buy a copier

When you buy photocopiers in the UK there are certain elements that should be considered which will help you make the right choice:

1. Understand your photocopying requirements

Buying a photocopier make sure you ask the right questions to yourself and you are clear with your photocopier functionalities and the future requirement.

Understand what kind of copier will suit your work considering the image quality, the speed, manufacturers, copy volume, additional features and benefits, everything must be examined.

2. Deal with multiple copier dealers

When you buy a copier make sure you explore all the necessary available options in the market.

Contact the dealers for Ricoh photocopiers, Kyocera, Toshiba, Samsung, Sharp etc. and find out which one will best suit your requirements.

3. Ask companies to produce reviews

Ask companies to produce customer reviews according to your requirements.

Speak to various references apart from the company you want to go with, don’t just read the statements the sales guys carry around, call the customers and ask probing questions.

4. The 5-year projection

It is important to go through the projections well ensuring it consists of all the expenses like installation costs, services charges, increases etc.

You can also ask for the 5-year projection and take quotes from them. This will help you shortlist the suppliers according to your needs, quality, and budget.

It will also help really see who is offering the best overall deal and will highlight any terms you have missed.

5. Understand your photocopying terms and contract well

Photocopiers terms: When you’ve made a decision about the company you are going with, read your contract well and investigate all the hidden costs.

You may want to use a solicitor or accountant. Understand what all terms you’ll be required to fulfil and ask correct questions before closing the deal.

This includes reading your current contract before you sign another as you will have lease and service settlements which could be being rolled into the next lease and by waiting you could get a much better deal.

6. Plan your time

When you know your terms, you may have had to give notice and then you can plan the changeover in contracts reducing the settlement costs and ensuring you get the best deal.


7. Meetings

Photocopier meetings: Always have another colleague in the room, don’t make a decision in a meeting wait until you have time to think it through.

Make sure you have a full written quote and you have READ THE TERMS before you sign anything.

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