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New Photocopier Comparison Website Launched

Bizpare compare photocopier lease prices


Bizpare® — An innovative New Way to Compare photocopiers and Acquire Office Equipment!

Managing an organisation’s office assets can be very challenging — particularly when it comes to photocopiers.  Purchasing the right photocopier for your organisation at the best price usually requires a lot of research and planning, which can be very time-consuming.  It can also be difficult for the layman to understand the increasingly complex technological features of modern photocopiers.

Once you have chosen a photocopier, you must also organise maintenance, purchase supplies and train staff on how to use it.  Aren’t there other things you would rather be concentrating on? 


How Bizpare® Can Help!

Bizpare® makes the process of selecting and acquiring a new photocopier simple!  We are a group buying website with the purchasing power necessary to obtain photocopiers at heavily discounted rates.

We provide members with access to our comprehensive photocopier comparison system.  This system allows users to easily compare photocopiers from a variety of manufacturers and dealers to make the right purchasing decision.  It has more than twenty separate filters, allowing you to find a photocopier that precisely matches your organisation’s requirements.

If you don’t have the time to examine the features of different photocopiers, you can obtain personalised advice from one of our independent consultants.  Simply provide them with details of your organisation and they will recommend a few models with the appropriate features.

Once you have found a photocopier with the features that your organisation requires and the dealer that matches your needs, you can either purchase the photocopier outright or arrange leasing through the Bizpare.com online system.  Because we are a group buying club the more companies that purchase the better the offering we can provide.  We can offer clients prices much lower, with added control, better terms, peace of mind and less pressure.


The features of the website will include:

Our industry-leading photocopier comparison system

  • This system allows members to compare photocopiers very quickly and find machines that have the precise features they need
  • Photocopier reviews
    We post extensive reviews of the most recently released photocopiers, helping members to understand changes in photocopier technology and find the perfect machine for their organisation.
  • Group buying discounts
    Buying in bulk directly from manufacturers allows us to obtain substantial discounts on photocopiers. You can take advantage of those discounts by joining Bizpare®.
  • Personalised advice
    Still confused? Our independent consultants can help you choose a great photocopier for your organisation.  Simply email us via the website or give us a call!
  • Lease options
    Leasing a photocopier is often a more affordable option compared to purchasing one. Bizpare® has generous lease arrangements that offer great value-for-money.
  • After-sales support and servicing
    Bizpare® can help you enjoy a fully-functional photocopier for years after your purchase by choosing the best after-sales support and servicing. We can help you choose a company with the best terms and ensure that your photocopier runs smoothly for many years to come.


Why use Bizpare®?

After years working with organisations throughout the UK, we realised that managers often found acquiring the right office assets to be challenging.  We knew that our expertise in the industry could help organisations choose the right equipment and save money, so we began developing Bizpare®.  Why should use Bizpare®?

  • You can save a great deal of money
    Group buying allows you to make substantial savings on the cost of a new photocopier.
  • You can find the right equipment for your organisation
    You can easily find the right photocopier for your organisation by using our comparison tool or speaking to one of our consultants.
  • You can stay on top of the latest technology
    Our buying guides will help you understand the latest technological innovations and take advantage of them — increasing your organisation’s productivity.
  • It’s free!
    Bizpare® membership is 100% free and 100% obligation-free.

Bizpare® will be launching in the next few weeks.  Stay tuned for more announcements and sign up to our newsletter!

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