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Tips on how to rent photocopiers and printers
Why rent a photocopier?
What affects photocopier rental prices?
6 benefits of photocopier rental agreements
What is the average photocopier rental length?
What type of photocopier can I rent?
How much does it cost to rent a photocopier?
How to negotiate business photocopier renting
Who are the photocopier rental companies?
How do I get out of a photocopier rental contract?
The difference between photocopier rental and photocopier leases
Should I rent or buy photocopiers?
If the photocopier supplier lets me down can I cancel the rent?
Questions to ask yourself before signing a new photocopier rental agreement
What do I need to provide to be approved for a photocopier rental?
How to get out of a photocopy machine rental?
Should I have bundled service or maintenance into a copier rent?
Who gets the rental photocopier equipment at the end of the contract?
10 Tips for renting a photocopier
Should I roll over a copier rent?
Beware when ending the rent for a photocopier
Is a rental photocopier machine the company’s property?
What is the photocopier dealer commitment?
What is the rental admin fee?
Tip to get out of paying the lease admin fee
What is the order form contract?
What is a photocopier service contract?
8 Tips on negotiating a photocopier rent hire service contract
What do I need to know about a photocopier service contract?
Who are the multifunction manufacturers or brands?
Where can I rent a photocopier locally?


Tips on how to rent photocopiers and printers:

    1. Renting photocopier machines? Goto the Bizpare® copiers rental compare page where it will guide you through uploading costs or do the following:
    2. Have a clear idea of what printing equipment you have currently
    3. Make a note of your existing costs for toner, rental, service and callouts
    4. Get 3 months worth of data on how many prints, copies you have done
    5. Make a note of what functions you use in each area i.e. Colour, Duplexing, Stapling, Apple AirPrint, Scanning, etc
    6. Make a list of the clear things you need in each area
    7. Contact at least 3 dealers and give them your specific minimum requirements
    8. Make sure you create a common form for each dealer to reply so you can clearly see the differences
    9. Give each dealer a date when you need all the information and prices back by
    10. When the quotes with prices come back ask about admin fees, price increases, equipment title and expected service levels
    11. Give the dealers a date you will make the decision by – stick to it! This then keeps it fair for them and will reduce calls you get chasing you.
    12. Before signing anything get in writing any points agreed and that the company will be settling off any outstanding leases (if that was agreed)
    13. When you make the decision inform the losing dealers why you made that choice. 

Bizpare® quote tool will do this for you in a few minutes. 

Leasing photocopiers

Why rent a photocopier machine?

Rent photocopier machines account for the majority of the sales. This is because the rental payments are spread over a period of time.  This helps with cash flow if you don’t have a lump sum sitting in the bank.
You should definitely talk to your accountant as many also find its tax efficient, as the whole rental quarterly price may be tax deductible for your company. You can upgrade your lease agreement part way through, just bear in mind you will incur a settlement fee either rolled into the new rent or left for you to settle.

What affects photocopier rental prices?

Here are things that affect rent prices:

Photocopier lease rates

Photocopier lease rates

What affects photocopier rent prices? You may have two companies offing you a photocopier at the same cash price, let’s say its £5000, then when you come to sign the agreement the company says you could lease it over a longer period of time so you’re not paying the whole amount upfront.  Even though both companies have the same cash amount, the total you pay for the copier for the full period could be vastly different on that same amount of £5000. You could pay over £7350 or you could pay £5800 for the same 5 years term.  What would cause such vast differences?


Photocopier rental rate: Every photocopier company goes to a renting company and depending on how much business they are likely to do they will give the dealer rates that they can use,  5 years, 4 years, 3 years and 2 years.  This is on the assumption the companies they are going to propose to do business with are good financially.  This rate can vary vastly from dealer to dealer and even if a large company gets a good rate they may not give this rate to sales guy to pass on to the customer by giving inflated rates to sales.  So what could cost the dealer to lease £5800 could be passed on to the company (customer) at £7350 and even the salesperson does know and benefit from this.  Typically rates can range from anywhere between 58 to 75 on a 5 year agreement.  To calculate a rate you take the capital or machine price and multiply this by the rate and divide by 1000, this will give you the quarterly payment amount.

Initial Payments

Initial Payments

Initial Payments

Photocopier initial rental payments: All lease companies work with profiles, it could be a 1 + 19 or 2 + 20.  This means you will be paying 1 payment upfront followed by 19 quarterly payments.  This can vary considerably and it affects the rate given so you could have a 3 + 19 rate in which the company leasing the photocopier will need to pay 3 payments on the first payment or 9 months of payments in advance in order to get the better rate.  This lowers the risk to the rental company and can increase the profit for the lease company and dealer.

Post Payments

Photocopier post rent payments: This is a key one to be aware of as is very difficult to know you are entering this type of agreement, but it basically is payments at the end of a lease.  Sometimes it can be small like £50 to retain the title of the equipment or it can be £1000’s in a balloon payment (money held to lower the quarterly or monthly price but means a large payment at the end) or to retain the title of the equipment.  This all has to be agreed and looked at at the start of the agreement, looking at it when the agreement has started is too late, you’re then just waiting for the bill to come.

Admin Fees

Photocopier rent admin fees: Rental companies charge admin fees usually from £100 to £200 per deal and this is taken in the first payment, many copier sales-people do not show this on the proposals so its always worth asking the question, what is the admin fees?  Many lease companies charge other admin fees like late payment, annual fees, invoicing fees, collection fees (this could also be in the service contract) so it’s worth asking the question before you sign any lease to ensure you know what additional charges there will be.

Time of the month

I came across one rental company charging part month fees, this is where say your agreement starts on the 15th of the month, instead of just charging you the monthly amount each month from the first day of the month they would charge you the difference from the 15th to the first in the first payment.  They were passing this as a better lease rate to be more competitive but I think this was rarely getting to the customer and was more as profit for the dealer or to make the dealer more competitive.

Quality of accounts

The rate the copier company gets assumes you have good accounts.  If you have bad accounts (i.e. poor net worth or no money, running at a loss) then IF you can get a lease, expect to pay more.  The rental companies will increase the rate the dealers have to pay to cover the increased risk of your company going under.  Some rental companies may reject to lease to you all together, then the dealer will need to go to a lease company or broker to see who will take it even at a high rate.  The cost may be swallowed by the dealer’s profit or they may come back to you with an increased price.


6 Benefits of photocopier rental agreements?

What are the benefits of photocopier lease hire agreements?

What are the benefits of photocopier lease hire agreements?

Benefits of a rental agreement are:

    • 1 A benefit of renting agreement is it spreads a large payment to smaller quarterly payments
    • 2 One of the benefits is reducing the effect on your cash flow.
    • 3 Easy to upgrade
    • 4 Tax efficient
    • 5 When renting the Lease company has the title of the copy machine rental and the dealer is responsible to the lease company.
    • 6 One advantage is to pay for a larger, faster, better quality machine, with more functionality to get your business the facilities its needs now that will pay in the long term.
    • 7 The advantages outweigh the disadvantages

What is the average length of a copier rental?

What is the average length of a copier lease?

What is the average length of a copier lease?

Photocopier rental length and printer rent can be anywhere from 1 to 6 years. About 86% of leasing is done on a 5 year rent hire and about 9% on 3 years. 1 and 6 years is very rare, photocopiers can be put in with other equipment like telecoms for an extended term.  In months that is 24 months, 36 months, 48 months or 60 months but this can vary depending on the payment profile.

What type of photocopier can I lease?

Photocopier model types: The type you can lease will be any capital equipment but the main guidelines are that the equipment has to last the length of the lease. This means if you want to lease a copier it has to be made to last the 5 years minimum. Leasing starts at £1000 for a piece or pieces of equipment. Here a variety of brands and types of equipment you can lease:

Rent Canon


Rent Develop

Ineo, ineo+,

Rent HP & Samsung

Samsung Xpress SL, Samsung CLP, Samsung ProXpress,

Rent Konica Minolta

bizhub, bizhub C, bizhub P

Rent Kyocera


Rent Lexmark


Rent Olivetti

d-Color MF,

Rent Ricoh


Rent Riso

ComColor®, GD, FW, X1, SF, ME, MZ, One-Color

Rent Toshiba

e-Studio, Hybrid

Rent Xerox

WorkCentre, VersaLink, AltaLink, C, D

How much does it cost to lease a photocopier?

Most leasing companies prefer you pay for leasing quarterly in advance. This is not to say you can’t pay monthly, but lease companies will require you to pay a few percent higher to do so. You are also required to pay a document fee, this can be waived by some companies usually £100 to £180. Some companies also charge annual fees and missed payment fees etc There will also be a payment of a minimum of £50 to retain the equipment at the end of the term. Here is a guide to the kind of costs you can expect to pay for leasing:
Machine typeMonthQuarter
Entry level£30 to £70£90 to £210
Desktop£20 to £46 £60 to £138
Multi-functional photocopiers£20 to £325 £60 to £975
Industrial£430 to £1’500 £1290 to £4500
Colour photocopiers£20 to £325 £60 to £975
Mono photocopiers£20 to £290 £60 to £870
Floor standing copiers£20 to £325 £60 to £975

These will vary depending on the configuration and functionality to add to the machine.

How to negotiate business photocopier renting

Who are the photocopier leasing companies?

List of photocopier lease companies
Lease company
WebsiteTelephone number
01483 4017 00
CF Group (CF Asset, CF Capital, CF Corporate)
01279 759456
ING Lease UK
02920 808 650
01753 434361
Peac Finance
01344 383700
Shire Leasing
01827 300 339
Tower Leasing
01753 837050
Bluestone Leasing
01924 248 800
Clear Asset Finance
01277 239932

How do I get out of a photocopier rental contract or break an equipment lease agreement?

Photocopier rental, how to get out of it: The short answer is, you can’t get out of an agreement. You should see it as a mortgage, once you enter into the agreement you either need to go the full term or pay the number of payments left. Dealers can you get out of a lease agreement and they do this by paying the remainder of the lease off. You can get a slight discount which is why it’s always wise to ask the RENTAL COMPANY for the settlement as this will give you a genuine figure, instead of asking the dealer.
Only once have I got someone out of the lease because they had supplied them the wrong machine that was on the lease and it was clear by the companies reply they knew what they had done.

The Difference between renting and leasing a copier

Renting a photocopier: The difference is mainly the term, a rental is much shorter in period than a lease and the forms will be different too. You would expect to have a rental photocopier for a few days to a few months. You would expect to have a lease for 3-5 years usually. You would also say the obligation in the contract would be less in a rental as the company is expecting to have the machine back and would probably do a deal with you if you need to return it early. The dealer can then re-rent the photocopier to someone else.

Should I rent or buy photocopier machines?


Rent or buy a photocopier: There are positives and negatives to both leasing and buying if you have the funds buying can give you a certain amount of control over your expenses and save on interest. Leasing will break up the payments and allow you to write off the full amount each quarter. Most companies lease because of these reasons.

If the copier supplier lets me down can I cancel the rental?

No, if you’re having issues with the company regarding your current provider you should talk directly to the lease company. Document all the things wrong and time taken. The dealer has a duty to the lease company to look after the machine, so you are wise to speak to the lease company directly to come to a resolution.

Questions to ask yourself before signing a new photocopier rent agreement

You should ask the following before signing a new photocopier rent:

  • Before signing photocopier rental agreement you should ask yourself have I got 3 quotes to compare and ensure I get a great price?
  • Did I ask about the terms and the projected costs?
  • Have I seen the FULLY completed contract before you signing?
  • Have I kept it for a few days, read over it and understood it before signing?
  • Have I put a line through any blank boxes? (apart from boxes the rental company completes and serial number)
  • Before you sign the contract have I made sure it has all the copier accessories/options you asked for all noted?
  • Checked it says the machine is “NEW” (if it’s a tick box, cross out the other box to make sure!)?
  • If there is a lease settlement, made sure the old photocopiers lease agreement details are completed on the paperwork or you have it in writing that they will settle the lease?
  • Lastly but very important: Have you made copies of the signed contract before you send it back for your own records?
  • Have you used the Bizpare® copier pricing comparison site to help you?


What do I need to provide to be approved for a photocopier rent?

Photocopier rent requirements: You need to be trading for 3 years and have provided reasonable accounts and be over the age of 18. The dealer may ask you to provide up-to-date accounts, the previous accounts or to sign a director’s guarantee depending on the strength of your accounts.  Even then you may not get approval if your accounts are not of good standing.

How to get out of a photocopier rent?

Photocopier rental are fully binding and you can’t get out of them, I have on occasions helped a customer get out of a lease because the dealer did such a bad job. But this is very rare, even if you have been severely ripped off or even fraudulent acts.

Should I have bundled service or maintenance into a photocopier rent?

Photocopier service: As a rule, DO NOT HAVE ANY COPIES INCLUDED IN THE RENTAL. It won’t cost you any more, it advantages the dealer never you. You always want to have a rental agreement separate from a service agreement that is just per copy or print.
Sometimes a dealer may give you some prints to close the deal. This is fine if it is just added on to the service agreement as a lump sum (i.e. Free first 50000 mono and 5000 colour). Just ensure its in writing on the agreement or an email, or forget the sales person said it, as you probably won’t see it.

Who gets the equipment at the end of the photocopier rental contract?

Photocopier rental agreement end: The dealer will have an agreement with the rental company to get the machine back for a nominal fee. If you negotiated at the signing of your agreement to keep the machine (in writing), at the end of the term you will be able to retain the machine.

10 Tips for renting a photocopier

Here are tips for renting a photocopier:

  • Tip 1 Renting a photocopier is to get quotes to compare and ensure you get a great price
  • Tip 2 Ask about the terms and the projected costs
  • Tip 3 Don’t just automatically re-sign with your existing provider’s quote, shop around. At the very least it will get them to reduce their offering
  • Tip 4 Get the FULLY completed contract before you sign and keep it for a few days and read over it and understand it.
  • Tip 5 Put a line in any blank boxes
  • Tip 6 Make sure it has all the copier accessories/options you asked for noted
  • Tip 7 It says the machine is “NEW” (if it’s a tick box, cross out the other box to make sure!)
  • Tip 8 It says they will settle the old photocopiers lease (if that’s what you want)
  • Tip 9 Lastly but very important: keep the quote and take copies of the signed contracts before you send it back
  • Tip 10 Or use Bizpare® to help you compare rental hire for new and used machines to help you.
  • Tip 11 Get advice from a trustworthy source.

Should I roll over a photocopier rental?

So should you have a rental roll-over? Well, when you take out a photocopier rental you take that machine for that MINIMUM period. So let’s say you are paying £200 per qtr over 20 quarters, £4000 is the minimum amount you will pay for that machine, this includes interest.  So if a photocopier salesperson says let’s upgrade your machine 10 quarters in, you’re still liable for the remaining £2000. What usually happens is the salesperson will put the remaining amount of the rent (rolling) into the next rental, effectively paying double interest on the remaining £2000.  So if you were to pay £3500 for the new machine you’re now paying over £5500 for the new machine.


Do I need to change my multifunction machine part way through? (you may need to because of machine problems, service problems, it may work out cheaper etc)

What are the lease settlement costs?

What will be better?

Beware when ending the rent for a photocopier

YOU are responsible for the rental payments until it is all settled and completed. Make sure you take ownership of any settlements as if the photocopier dealer doesn’t settle it, you’re still responsible. I have seen this numerous times where the sales guy has said verbally he will end the contract and the customer has ended up with 2 rental agreements and 2 machines.  Get it in writing they will settle the rent and that’s part of the agreement and condition of the order.

Is a rental photocopier the company’s property?

YOU are responsible for the copier machine and rental but you do not own it until you get title. This is then covered by the service contract, to ensure it keeps running properly. So make sure it’s written in the terms everything you need to have a good experience.
If anyone takes the photocopiers from you, you’re still responsible for it to the rental company. Some dealers have terms that state you can’t move it without informing them. In fact, you are responsible for any items on the lease (even the “free printer” if it’s listed).
You also need to give it back at the end of the lease in good repair, some dealers have it in their terms that to do this you pay the costs to get the machine up to standard.

What is the photocopier dealer commitment?

Guaranteed 4 hour average response time mean nothing! You need it in writing, the maximum time and the consequence, for it to mean anything.
Ensure that all parts, toner, callouts, IT, setup and training are included.

What is the rent admin fee?

Photocopier rent admin fee: All leases have an admin fee (up to £200 paid in the first payment), make sure you know how much this is as most copier salespeople do not put this in the quote. But it will be in the contract terms!
You can negotiate this, most dealers will have the option whether or not to charge it if it means losing the deal.

Tip to get out of paying the rent admin fee

The best way to get this payment knocked off is to wait until you get the contract and say it wasn’t on the quote and you won’t sign it because they didn’t tell you about it. You will soon find you make a saving!

What is the order form contract?

This protects the dealer so that if you agree to take the machine and then something goes wrong they’re protected. Be aware that cancelling these can have a fee attached. So before you sign anything ensure you have all the information and are happy with your choice. I have also seen terms that say if they can’t get the machine on a rent you’re liable for the cash value, one to watch out for!

What is a photocopier service contract?

This is the dealer’s responsibility to you to look after the machine and keep it up and running during the life of the lease. But it’s quite often more expensive than the lease. You should be careful to understand everything contained.

8 Tips on negotiating a photocopier rental hire service contract

Here are tips on negotiating a photocopier rental hire agreement:

  • Tip 1 For negotiating a photocopier service contract is asking for a contract where the CPC (cost per copy) is static for 3 years, then is capped to 5% or better thereafter
  • Tip 2 Agree on terms before you sign anything in the contract
  • Tip 3 Ensure you have a level of expectation in writing that the dealer has to reach when providing a level of service
  • Tip 4 Make sure you have looked at the estimated amount of copies you will do for both mono and colour
  • Tip 5 Produce a spreadsheet showing all the costs and the increases as the terms indicate to get a clear picture.
  • Tip 6 Estimate the growth over 5 years so know you can afford the costs.
  • Tip 7 Check the machines “average month duty” (the monthly prints ON AVERAGE, not MAXIMUM monthly prints the manufacturer recommends) against your projected increased copies to ensure a pleasant lifetime experience.
  • Tip 8 Stay away from copy inclusive contracts and minimum billing service agreements as these rarely benefit you and will mean you pay more in the long run and you are more likely to be unsure how it works and how to control costs.

What do I need to know about a photocopier service contract?

Here is what you need to know about a photocopier service contract:

What do I need to know about a photocopier Service Contract?

What do I need to know about a photocopier Service Contract?


Photocopier service contract copies: You usually pay a cost per copy or per print in the photocopier service contract that is to cover toner, call outs, parts, labour, etc. Colour is more expensive than mono to print for the dealer and this is usually reflected in the price.
Although the cost per copy may seem small it soon adds up, 1p per mono may not sound like much unless you’re doing 100,000 per month (£1000)
Minimum billing means you have a minimum cost per month instead of a completely variable plan that just charges with what you use. This means no matter how little a number of copies you do you will pay a minimum amount.


Photocopier service contract toner: Most dealers work their prices out in the service agreement based on 5% coverage of the page. If you’re printing 50-60% coverage the cost rises significantly for the dealer. Most dealers will have maximum toner use terms which protect them from losing money. So if you’re regularly printing full-page documents you need to be aware of these terms as you can find yourself getting billed for the additional toners you use.

Cost per copy increases

Photocopier service contract cost per copy (CPC): Most dealers have on their terms and conditions the ability to raise prices over the course of the contract. From as little as 5% starting after 3 years or I have seen as much as 20% every 6 months. If you have 5-year contract rising 20% twice every 5 years you are going to be paying a significant amount more per month.

Start      0.01
6 mths  0.012
Yr 1        0.0144
6 mths  0.01728
Yr 2       0.020736
6 mths  0.024883
Yr 3       0.02986
6 mths  0.035832
Yr 4       0.042998
6 mths  0.051598

By putting all the costs into a spreadsheet that calculates the increases and terms you can see how you will be affected.

Per scan billing

Photocopier service contract billing: Ricoh and a couple of other manufacturers, the machines can be setup per scan instead of per copy. This means that one colour print clicks 3 colour and one mono click. Check your paperwork and the machine when it arrives to see how you’re configured. I have seen many reputable dealers making a lot of money from this and not giving refunds (or limiting refunds). So it’s worth checking early on.  The way you check is by making a note of the meters, doing a colour print then make another note of the meter.  Compare the difference, if you are on “per scan” it will register more than once for colour and probably even a monoprint.

Who are the photocopier multifunction manufacturers or brands?

A list of all the Photocopier Manufacturers and brands which you can buy, lease, hire or rent from dealers.
Manufacturers/BrandsWeb addresses
Konica Minoltahttps://www.konicaminolta.co.uk/business-solutions/products/office/multifunctional-printers/black-white.html

Where can I rent a photocopier near to me?

Lease photocopier near to me: They can easily be bought or rent locally near me in Bradford, Bedfordshire, Berkshire, lease photocopier Birmingham, Bristol, Buckinghamshire, Bolton, Cambridgeshire, Cheshire, Cardiff, Cornwall, Cumbria, Coventry, Derby, Derbyshire, Devon, Dorset, Doncaster, Durham, Dudley, East Riding, Edinburgh, Essex, England, Fife, Gloucestershire, Glasgow, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Huntingdonshire, Kent, Lancashire, Leeds, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Liverpool, lease photocopier London, Merseyside, Middlesex, Norfolk, Manchester, Newcastle, Northamptonshire and Northumberland.
You may want a local dealer for a colour photocopier in Nottinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Plymouth, Rutland, Rotherham, Sandwell, Sheffield, Shropshire, Somerset, Solihull, Staffordshire, Suffolk, Sunderland, Surrey, Telford, Tyne and Wear, Warwickshire, Wolverhampton, Westmorland, Wiltshire, Worcestershire, Sussex, Yorkshire, Merseyside, Middlesex, Norfolk, Northamptonshire, Northumberland, Nottinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Rutland, Scotland, Shropshire, Somerset, South Yorkshire, Staffordshire, Stoke-on-Trent, Suffolk, Surrey, Swansea, Tyne and Wear, Walsall, lease photocopier UK, Warwickshire, Wales, Westmorland, Wiltshire and Worcestershire – Bizpare® is the best way to lease local.


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