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Photocopiers for sale on Bizpare®

Photocopiers for sale on Bizpare®

Photocopiers for sale on Bizpare®


Cheap photocopiers is a usual type of photocopiers at Bizpare® because of competition and we are proud of what we can do to help customers.  This is a new way of buying photocopiers and offering good, cheap photocopiers for sale though online quotes.  We understand that it’s difficult when you look round for the right photocopier. 

We also know you want to benefit the company by getting it at a good price.  You want great value for money not necessarily just cheap as you want it to last the term and have a good experience throughout the duration. 

But you do want the best photocopier for sale at the cheapest price.

When buying photocopiers you need to be careful though as there are many elements to consider, what may seem to be cheap could actually end up costing a lot of money. 

You need to consider the price of maintenance and the contract terms.  You can find a cheap photocopier where the capital price is very low, however, the capital can be the smallest of all the costs. 

As a thought, the perception of the cost of maintenance may seem small i.e. less than a penny, but in reality, if you do a lot of printing this will soon mount up.  In fact, over the course of a year, these costs could even double as your business grows or increases in the terms kick in.

When you buy a photocopier the great thing about the Bizpare®  is you’re able to buy and compare all the elements with companies across the UK or locally so you can be confident on getting a great price for all the photocopiers for sale on the site.

Black and white (mono)

Mono photocopiers represent almost 50% of the machines for sale on Bizpare®. These historically were the main workhorse of any office, but their popularity has dwindled since colour machines have become cheaper. 

This means that not as many mono machines are being sold and so because of economies of scale it can be a similar price to buy colour copiers as mono.

One good thing and definitely worth considering when you’re looking around at machines, there are less moving parts in a mono machine and so some would say they can be more reliable. 

It also takes away the temptation of the office to accidentally (or intentionally ) print in colour.


Colour photocopiers: these are the best for most offices.  There are a few things to consider when it comes to printing in colour.  All these things can be perceived as quality. 

This is usually ascribed to DPI, a conversation may go something like “what is the quality like?” “well the DPI is”.  You may have heard that before, but there are a number of things which contribute to the colour quality and will change the perception of what looks “good”:


Such as the depth of colour.  This can relate to how much toner is applied to the page so it looks solid and not washed out.  I used to sell the Develop ineo +203 machine (discontinued) and the 224 and the selling point was the real world solid colour that it produced. 

But I moved companies and then started selling the Utax CDC 1930 which no matter how hard the engineers tried they couldn’t match the depth of colour the Develop produced. 

Obviously, things have changed and that was a while ago.  Back then I would sell the 1930 more for business colour doing charts and spot colour and the Develop for those wanting photos and marketing materials etc.

So why sell the 1930 at all I hear you ask.  Well, then the 1930 was cheaper per colour than the Develop, so it was a case of cost over quality. 

But it aptly demonstrates even though they could have the same dpi the quality would be still viewed as different due to the depth of colour.


Simply put this is how many dots the printer produces an inch of print.  So then you would think two printers both with the same DPI would produce similar results of colour quality. 

Again not necessarily so because the way that printer or copier applies the dots of toner can make visually different results. One thing is how the dots are applied to the paper.   

You have probably done painting by numbers, where you have to paint blocks of colour, you would say the better artist would be the one who printed inside the lines and this would give a better quality of the picture. 

Its the same with photocopiers when they apply the dots to paper not all of them are applied accurately. 

Imagine a small box and half the dots are outside the box and half are inside, this relates to the quality of application of the dots per inch.


The type of technology used in producing the print on a printer or photocopier can vastly determine the look of the document.  Laser, for example, will produce a very glossy finish to the document when printed. 

This will reflect the light and create a sheen that some businesses like because it creates a magazine front cover type look. 

There are some which don’t like this and say it can give an unnatural feel especially when it comes to skin textures and natural scenes.


You may have noticed there is a difference in look between laser and ink and one of the key differentiators is that ink absorbs into the paper. 

There are several benefits to this, one of the key ones is that creates a Matt look to the colour printing.  This can be favourable when you don’t want the sheen that you get in laser products. 

It makes the picture more natural and it has been said to, at its highest level, produce a better picture to that of a laser.  That’s debatable, but if you do consider this type of technology to produce a matt colour finish, some of the disadvantages can be: paying more on your paper, slower print speeds (on high quality), and higher cost per print costs. 

But technology is coming out all the time that is challenging these concepts and now you can you get office inkjets that are fast and cheap but there are questions about the reliability of these machines.

Reconditioned (second hand, used, refurbished)

Buy used photocopiers or printers may have been brought up when looking to buy a photocopier.  This can be a great way of getting a machine with a lot of facilities for a very low cost. 

Bear in mind there is a saturation of low-cost machines available from dealers.  Some of the positives are the capital cost can be very low and can even include stapling, extra paper cassettes, booklet makers, document feeders etc. without any additional cost, as the capital price has already been paid for. 

I would seriously consider a used machine if you’re doing much lower volume than the capability of the machine or reliability isn’t an issue.

When buying used photocopiers the ideal situation is if you can get an over specified used machine cheaply that is covered by a dealer with a service agreement.

Then its the dealer who has the risk and you could be winning all the way to the bank.  Where not to consider used photocopiers is if you really need the machine to be reliable and good quality prints as this can diminish over time. 

So if a business has had the machine in a warehouse for two years doing over the recommended amount of prints you could end up with all the problems.   

You can also find the life of a used machine is shorter so it could be a false economy.  The best life of a second-hand photocopier machine is within the first few years, after that, you can run into more paper jams and more expensive repairs and after 5 years even problems getting parts.

Its a lottery, the only way to get at least some assurance of a good experience with your photocopier is to buy a new photocopier as then you get the full life and the best life of that machine. 

Be aware that some machines can be clocked too (the counters reset or put back) and so the machine you have bought could have done a million prints, like a car that’s done 200’000 miles that says 10’000 on the meter, you could have a very different expected experience when tied into a contract on that machine.


Small office photocopier: There are all types of small photocopier machines for sale on Bizpare® especially if you have a small business or home business but are doing a lot of printing. 

If you are a small company sharing space or a large company with a requirement for a machine in a small area there are plenty of options. 

I recommend looking for an A4 photocopier machine as these devices tend to be smaller than the A3 photocopiers or a smaller A3 machine. 

All the dimensions are on the website, just take some measurements of the dimensions you need and enter into the photocopier selector tool and it will show you which devices are suitable.


buying a A4 photocopier, print size

A4 photocopiers is a popular choice for photocopiers and printers for sale. Probably all companies use this paper size in the UK. 

This machine doesn’t tend to have as good a long-term durability as some of the A3 alternatives and can have significantly less functionality. 

There are many things which affect the price as you can go out and get a cheap A4 copier for sale very cheaply, but this won’t last long if you’re doing enough prints. 

The machines the dealers sell do have a lot more durability and are made to last a minimum of 5 years but this does make them significantly more expensive to buy, up to 2 to 4 times. 

This is offset though as the running cost is much cheaper, so if you’re doing a lot of printing on an A4 photocopier pay more attention to the running costs (also called CPC – cost per copy) than the initial buying price and you will then have years of low bills to compensate for the initial large one.


buying a A3 photocopier, print size

A3 photocopiers for sale is what gets sold mostly in the dealer channel.  They offer all the functionality, speed and durability that you could possibly need in an office environment. 

You will get a great and durable scanning facility or document feeder and a good amount of space to store toner, paper and print on most of the size of the paper you will ever need in an office. 

When you buy an A3 machine do check that that is the minimum you need as a very small amount of business may need SRA3.  A3 photocopiers for sale will print the size of 2 x A4 size sheets of paper.

But if you have a marketing department or if you are a Printers you may need to print on larger paper than A3.

Both a3 and SRA3 machines are significantly more bulky than the A4 type that will not only take up a lot more space, they are heavier and use more electric. But definitely, a must to cover the majority of office printing requirements.


buying a SRA3 photocopier, print size

We have SRA3 photocopiers for sale for companies to buy. 

Usually, SRA3 has always been for Printers and companies with marketing departments who want to print samples and see what the printed result would look like. 

However, more and more SRA3 is becoming standard and replacing A3+ or even just A3.  You should ask yourself do I really need this functionality or is it just nice to have? 

If you really need to buy an SRA3 multifunction machine make sure you get it on all the paperwork and contacts, as I have seen on a number of occasions the salesperson said it was SRA3 but it was actually A3+, now to most companies this is not a problem but if you have to have SRA3 then being stuck in a 5 year contract with the wrong machine can be a big problem.

So why have SRA3 in the first place? Well simply put it allows edge to edge or oversize printing. 

To get that really great colour front cover where the colour print goes to the edge of the paper a printer needs to print on large size paper and cut the paper down to A3 or A4. 

SRA3 gives the standard amount of border to allow this as the laser technology doesn’t allow you in most cases (there are a few new machines now that can allow edge printing on certain edges) to print to edge of the paper, there needs to be a 5mm border all around the edge of the paper.


Office photocopiers, MFPs, Office copy machine, desktop, or floor standing copiers, whatever type of office you have we will have a suitable photocopier or printer available for sale. 

Whether it’s a government organisation, charity, large office, small office, open plan office, cubicled offices or even offices with only you in it, the comparison site is able to work all the different requirements and match them with the right machines you can buy.  No matter where your offices are in the country we will have a dealer about to give you a great service. 

We can even supply you used office photocopiers for sale to see if you can make a saving.  Whether you’re looking to buy outright or office photocopier rental or office printer leasing.

Some companies rent out office space to others, a photocopier goes great in this environment giving all the tenants all the facilities they require to print in this environment.

Whether it’s scanning, printing in colour or stapling, purchasing a multifunction machine could be all that they need. It allows all users to share and this will reduce costs and give them all the tools they need.

Office layouts can be a bone of contention as sometimes everyone wants their own printer on their desk so they don’t need to walk so far. 

Some will even want an MFP device on their desk, but by far the cheapest solution for the office is to consolidate the devices and have central devices that everyone can print to. 

Yes, this requires a bit more walking around the office (not that that’s a bad thing) but it can significantly reduce costs, increase security especially when it comes to GDPR for printing devices.

It will also provide more functionality like A3, stapling and booklet making, improve quality and keep tight control on costs by limiting colour or just printing in general to only those that need it. 

So gone are the days of printing 100’s of holiday snaps on the copier and passing them around the office!

GDPR compliant photocopier machine or printers

GDPR compliant photocopier or printers
GDPR compliant photocopier or printers

GDPR photocopiers: GDPR this relates to companies use of personal data and security of information.  A lot of what is required is already in the mainstream good working practices, but yet many companies have been caught out by the requirements.  I think most companies just thought a “this will do” attitude would be sufficient.  So what made them take notice?

It’s the fines.  Talking to one company recently who had no photocopiers but just several small MFP’s.  They said, “We don’t worry about the cost of changing the machines we’re more worried about being fined £15 million because of GDPR compliancy and we want to ensure, at least from a printing perspective, we are covered”.

This echoes a lot of companies thoughts, but they should be more concerned with the bad PR that can come from not having the proper protection in the first place. 

How many times have we seen a laptop with important information left or stolen, HR printing to the main office printer by accident instead of her desktop, printers and photocopier hard drives full of information going out to different customers and printers being hacked, USB sticks getting stolen? 

Overall GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a good thing for people and if you are not compliant, feel free to talk to us about what you can do.

Free copiers

Free photocopiers: Bizpare® doesn’t offer free photocopiers and be cautious of anyone who does as you have probably heard the expression “there is no such thing as a free lunch”. 

It is true you can present an office copy machine as free and it can have the perception to be free of a capital cost. 

But any reasonable person could work out where the money is being hidden, as you are paying for the capital cost even if it’s not clear. 

So how is it done?  Dealers can offer a lease that is “per copy” and ties you into an agreement for a minimum amount of prints.  So the capital cost of these free machines is built into the service.

So why not just tell customers its tied up in the service?  Well it looks better “we give schools free photocopiers” or we can give you a free machine. 

Secondly, it’s more profitable to the dealer, when you do more copies over the minimum because the rate includes capital rate so does the excess but because this is already covered with the minimum bills the excess is extra profit. 

There are some contracts that are not based on a minimum term but on the number copies produced so when the lease goes over the minimum amount of copies of the full contract all these copies are profit.

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