__ESCAPED_SOURCE_END_CLEAN_CSS__10 Questions before signing a new photocopier rent agreement | Bizpare
Have I put a line through any blank boxes?

You should ask the following before signing a new photocopier rent:

  1. Before signing photocopier rental agreement you should ask yourself have I got 3 quotes to compare and ensure I get a great price?
  2. Did I ask about the terms and the projected costs?
  3. Have I seen the FULLY completed contract before you signing?
  4. Have I kept it for a few days, read over it and understood it before signing?
  5. Have I put a line through any blank boxes? (apart from boxes the rental company completes and serial number)
  6. Before you sign the contract have I made sure it has all the copier accessories/options you asked for all noted?
  7. Checked it says the machine is “NEW” (if it’s a tick box, cross out the other box to make sure!)?
  8. If there is a lease settlement, made sure the old photocopiers lease agreement details are completed on the paperwork or you have it in writing that they will settle the lease?
  9. Lastly but very important: Have you made copies of the signed contract before you send it back for your own records?
  10. Have you used the Bizpare® copier pricing comparison site to help you?

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