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Top 10 tips to guarantee a better photocopier lease

Top 10 tips to guarantee a better photocopier lease

Top 10 things to guarantee a better photocopier lease

Top 10 things to guarantee a better photocopier lease

1 What is your existing photocopier lease settlement?

Make sure you know what your settlement is for your current photocopier lease

Get in writing what will happen to it BEFORE proceeding with a new lease contract:

     Is it going to be rolled into the new agreement?

     Are you to settle it?

     Is the lease company to settle it?

2 Are copies included in the copier lease?

Never allow copies to be included in the lease

Never have minimum billing on copies

You should get charged for the amount of copies you do and that's it

Always ensure you get a price per copy

Ensure that the contract states "per copy" and there is no way set a minimum

3 What are the photocopier service price increases?

Its normal to have an increase but ensure its capped

Check the service contract for clauses that increase

Check the period that the increases occur, annual is normal, 6 monthly or sooner is abnormal

Don't allow any increases over 5-7% above inflation

Try to negotiate a period without any increases

4 Is the photocopier machine new?

Always get it in writing that it is the current machine and not superseded

Always make sure on the lease it is clear that its new and cant be changed (I have seen ticks made into crosses)

Look out for words like reconditioned, ex demo, showroom model or anything else that implies its not coming straight from the factory

Even some manufacturers have specific models that mean its been reconditioned

Get it in writing that the photocopier is NEW and never been used before

5 Does the lowest price always mean its the cheapest?

Not always, check the terms.  Are there service increases?

Check the lease terms:

    Are there any balloon payments at the end?

    Are there any extra initial payments?

    What happens to the machine at the end of the contract?

    Is there an admin fee not on the quote? It will be in the lease terms

Do you have to pay for staples or other consumables?

Is there a fair use policy on the print coverage?

6 Are you getting the photocopier machine you expect?

Make sure if there are specifics you need its detailed, i.e. if it says Stapling its not a hand held stapler

Check any facilities you need. I.e. will the new machine scan that 300 page report you need to do every month?

Check that its new, or if you know its not new, how many copies its done or the condition. You may want to get an independent company to look over it, if the company doesn't offer you a service contract you want to ask why do you want to take the risk.

A4 copiers can be cheaper than A3 but look the same in a small picture

Does your new machine use a different technology? i.e. wax, ink or heat that will affect the media you're printing on to or the reason you require print i.e. forms, postal etc

Will your new machine require you to change the paper supplier or the quality you produce?

Just because its new to you doesn't mean you are getting an upgrade, check what you need it to do will be better

Be careful of samples: 

     I have seen lots of occasions where a sample is shown that has not been printed on the machine they were looking to buy

     The photocopier was not the same specification (using fiery or higher range machines)

     Look at the quality of the paper, it can make a difference to the colour reproduction and paper application.  I.e. if you use recycled paper you won't get the same quality as 300 GSM quality extra glossy paper

7 The devil is in the detail, what are the other costs?

Service contact settlements cost you thousands

Not paying off leases will cost you thousands

Not checking for service increases will cost you thousands

What else? Contracts are being written and changed to extract money from you everyday. Sometimes by not knowing the industry you can really get caught out.  I see solicitors getting caught out all the time, so how can they protect you?

8 Is there a different way?

Different eyes can come up with a different solution, just because you always do it that way or your current company comes back with a similar solution doesn't mean it can't done better or cheaper.

Have you got the best machine for the money, sometimes cheaper is cheap.  What could you be missing out on?  Is it worth spending extra not to have down time

Also look into software, you could reduce costs by looking at software solutions that can decrease prints, justify prints, manage prints or even charge for prints

If you are a buyer always ask who uses the photocopier equipment, what their experience is and how it can be improved. 

9 Negotiate your photocopier lease at the start or get a worse deal.

Unless you work to get the best deal before the contracts are signed, you probably won't have the best deal

Sometimes just asking for a discount or a fee to be knocked off can mean a saving

Ask to knock off the admin fee

Agree to sign the photocopier lease when you get some free copies included

Just because you have been with the same supplier for years doesn't mean you are getting the best price

10 Are you on "per scan" or "per print"?

Do this now and when you get your new photocopier:

     Go to your photocopier and take a note of the meter reading

     Do one single colour copy

     Now compare against your last reading

If your click has gone up by 1 colour print you are on "per print", if it went up by 3 prints (it could also go up by one black too) you are on "per scan".  If you are on "per scan" check the bill and apply it to your copy costs:

3 x colour + 1 mono = Your actual cost per copy

Put in the comments your top 10 or anything you think should be in there, experiences are welcomed.

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