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What is the best photocopier for me?

What is the best photocopier for me?

What is the best copy machine for your needs?

What is the best copy machine for your needs?

The best photocopier machines come in different sizes and shapes. Prior to purchasing a photocopy machine, you should consider what your needs are. Basically, your needs will concern the capacity, speed and scope at which the photocopier can copy and print documents.

The best photocopy machines to choose from include:

Desktop photocopier machine

Desktop photocopiers are good if you have a small office or a business that only needs to print low volumes of documents or pictures.

Large capacity

Large capacity photocopier machines are suitable for firms that need to print large volumes of documents. These photocopiers usually have a stacker that is able to create several stacks of documents to assist the user to keep the print jobs organised.

Multifunction photocopier

Multifunction photocopies have a wide printing and scanning scope. They are able to meet the needs of companies of any size.

They usually have multiple paper trays which can print on papers of different sizes simultaneously. They also have a large scanning surface and can copy or print different qualities.

Production printers

Production printers usually feature an automatic document feeder that can handle documents with many pages automatically. You can choose such a machine if your business needs to reproduce large brochures or to copy contracts.

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