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What are the photocopier lease costs?

Want to compare copier pricing instantly?

The following copier prices listed are roughly what you can expect to pay for various kinds of copiers through the Bizpare® comparison engine. You can choose the suitable machine based on the needs of your business.

  • Entry level– £30 to £800  At the lower end or cheap copier machines in the market, printing can be very sporadic and a printer or MFP is only needed rarely.  Many in this range of the market will tend to get Inkjet printers or very cheap laser devices.  This is where the cost of the machine is very cheap, but this is often countered by the running costs being very expensive. You would think of home users or businesses working from home where these costs can range from between £30 and £800 (eight hundred pounds) typically.
  • Desktop – £50 to £2000  These cover quite a wide variety of machines up to a certain size. Copy machines without a stand up to a certain size can go on the desktop. Many machines like A4 machines are made mostly to go on the table top. Larger A3 machines should go on the stands provided, this is because they are larger and can be unstable and because of their weight could be dangerous to put it on a stand it wasn’t designed for.
  • Multifunctional photocopiers – £150 to £15000  Multifunction machines come in a large range of many different types of devices.  Most machines come with printing, scanning, photocopying and faxing (getting rarer these days).  This represents the core functions on most machines, however, photocopiers can have significantly more functionality.  Most modern multifunction machines are like computers, in that they can do many things and completely manage most processes to do with print.
  • Industrial – £20’000 to £70’000  These machines have a very specific application. Most commercial print environments or large companies require machines to handle many hundreds of thousands of documents and deliver very high standards of print consistently.  Consequently, these printers are a lot more expensive to purchase and have specialized equipment to handle volume and quality and the unique processes that come along with this industry.  Things like SRA3, binding, hole punch, booklet making, trimming, sorting and fiery Software Machines. Although a lot of these functions can be used in other environments they’re quite often on a smaller scale and not quite as hardy or reliable as the industrial alternatives.
  • Colour Copy Machines– £500 to £15000  These are machines which allow the printing of colour. Colour copiers can be used in many different types of print like brochures, letterheads and leaflets etc.  Generally used to highlight or produce photographs to enhance the document. The disadvantage with colour is the cost to print to that of mono. However, the advantage is that because colour machines are now more widespread, due to the economics of scale, the prices on colour machines can be cheaper now than mono machines.  Even if it’s comparable, it’s sometimes worth getting the colour machines even if you turn off the colour printing ability.
  • Floor standing copiers– £1000 to £15000  As opposed to desktop machines floor standing are supplied with a stand or base, sometimes used to hold paper, additional paper cassettes, storing toner or large capacity trays. These are designed to take the weight of the machine and quite often have casters to allow it to be easily moved. Depending on space these machines are usually preferred due to their durability and robustness that can be lacking in smaller machines.

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